10 Coolest Feminist Shops On The Internet

by women for women

Image courtesy of Gravel and Gold

The only thing better than going on a shopping spree is going on a shopping spree that also just so happens to do a lot of good for womenkind. That's why women-run businesses should become your go-tos for finding gifts, necessities, and treats for yourself. When you shop small, you help support independent business owners to help them continue what they love doing the most—supplying amazing, unique goods that oftentimes support different charities, ideologies, or individual artisans.

Shopping with a feminist frame of mind doesn't mean exclusively buying T-shirts with the phrase "girl power" emblazoned on them (although that can be a part of it). It's more so about buying ethically made and designed goods, and putting your money where your mind is. These 10 online shops are not only backed by an awesomely feminist attitude, but they also stock some of the coolest, most unique wares around.

Photo courtesy of She Bop

She Bop

Labeling itself as a “female-friendly sex toy boutique for every body,” She Bop is a Portland-based, women-owned sex shop that prides itself not only on its merchandise but also on its commitment to sex education. With a name inspired by Cyndi Lauper’s sex-positive song “She Bop,” the shop offers an assortment of sex toys, menstrual products, literature, and a wide array of organic and recycled products. While the store may be female-friendly, it stresses that it’s not exclusive to those who identify as women, but rather a safe space for everyone.

Seagrape Massage Oil, $15, available at She Bop.