ICB Releases Capsule Lookbook

and shows you how to be a woman.

photo by Eli Schmidt

ICB decided to put a new spin on their spring/summer 2016 collection by releasing a capsule lookbook with etiquette lessons called, "How to Be a Woman," playing on those proper manners we all knew to be important back in the day. With a book of etiquette on different situations alongside images of their spring/summer 2016 collection, the lookbook creates a great juxtaposition of the old-fashioned "ideal woman" with a new, contemporary take on it. Click through to see the images, as well as some of our favorite classic points on conversation, greetings, how to sit, and even afternoon tea.

Photographer: Eli Schmidt
Stylist: Michael Kozak
Model: Kel Markey, Supreme
Hair & Makeup: Tadayoshi Honda

Sitting Gracefully

On deep, wide sofas that are now the modern style, it is often difficult or near impossible for a woman to sit in a graceful fashion, as they force the sitter to stick their legs out before them or attempt to tuck them beneath.To sit on one of these chaises, resist the urge to flop down and shimmy backward; instead, sit gently on the edge and lift oneself until comfortably reclined, using pillows to prop oneself up if possible. It is important to note the shape and size of a chair or sofa in comparison to one’s own form. A buxom woman should avoid tall or spindly chairs, while those with short legs should opt not to sit on the deep sofas, which they may eventually require assistance to rise from.