10 Visually Bewitching Movies About Witchcraft


They’ll put a spell on you

There’s no shortage of movies about witchcraft. From Hocus Pocus to Harry Potter and The Craft, witches are well-represented across various genres. Whether terrifying us in horror films or enchanting us in fantasy epics, the multifaceted witch archetype can be beautiful or haggard, entrancing or horrifying, good or evil—and even somewhere in between.

Across all movies about witches, however, one thing remains true: They are visually spellbinding. Whether dark or light in nature, magical aesthetics await viewers, from the hyper-Technicolor designs of The Love Witch to the gorgeous black-and-white gothic motifs in Black Sunday. Below, get bewitched by 10 of the most stunning films about witchcraft.

Suspiria remains one of the genre’s most iconic and visually stimulating entries. When an American ballerina travels to Germany to study at a prestigious dance academy, she discovers that, despite its glamorous, upscale Art Nouveau design, her new school is actually a front for a sinister coven of witches. Directed by Italian auteur Dario Argento, the 1977 film is drenched in luxurious candy colors, with pink, red, blue, and green hues all playing an important role in setting a dreamy yet nightmarish mood.