Toker’s Take: 15 Cute Things To Sate The Stoner In Your Life


Or yourself…

Cannabis is enjoying some mainstream popularity, which, honestly, is a good thing when it comes to shopping. When you wanna buy something to help you get lifted, there are way more options than the seedy head shops of yesteryear (for those residing in or visiting Austin soon, make a point to visit the brick-and-mortar antithesis to this at Catchtilly).

Now that there are tons of highly aesthetically pleasing options available, we rounded up some of the best of what's out there to help you with all your 4/20 prep.

Humble Pride Glass, Peach Glass Pipe, $33, available at Etsy.
Sure, YES, this looks like the cutest little butt emoji, but, also, it rips. This is a perfect at-home bowl to stash by your bed to help battle insomnia and, you know, just to puff on while watching Queer Eye and downing takeout in bed... guys, I know this isn’t just me.