The 13 Best Goth Films For Summer

Let’s get angsty

Darkness, death, and… summer? Sure, why not! Goth films are known for their eerie, angsty, and horror-filled imagery, typically adorned in black and dark hues, and while that might not scream summer to you, there's something specifically intriguing about blue skies, flowers, and hot days intertwined with so much despair.

Here are 13 goth movies to binge on even during the most sunshine-y of days.

Mary Shelley
This version of the story of the dramatic and passionate author of Frankenstein shows us a new and different side to Mary Shelley. With themes of angst and radicalism, the film has forbidden love (a classic summer romance element) and modern rebellion, all the while portraying a 19th century gothic girl at her finest.