The 18 Must-Visit Places For 2018

    The perfect bucket list for this year

    Travel is one of the most reliable ways to expose yourself to new things, learn about new cultures, and expand your mind to new ways of being. So we think you should make 2018 your year of doing all these things. And while travel is definitely a luxury—taking time off work and coming up with the money to go on vacation isn't always easy—it is definitely one of the most worthwhile uses of any spare funds you might have. Plus, in a time when so many Americans (including the president) are promoting horrifically xenophobic, bigoted ideas about any culture that doesn't fit their "American" idea (meaning: white and Christian), it's pretty much your duty to go out there and see why this type of virulent prejudice is so dangerous, as well as baseless.

    This year should, therefore, be one of exploration—of the world, of America, of yourself—so that you can see for yourself all the wonders to be found, near and far. Here are our picks for the 18 places you should definitely add to your 2018 travel bucket list. Happy trails.

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