Here Are 20 Not-So-Scary Films To Binge-Watch This Halloween

    So you can sleep at night during the spookiest month of the year

    by and · October 05, 2017

    I have a lot of feelings about the month of October that could be seen as... negative. I was born during the summer (where my Cancers at?), which means I have an affinity for all things heat-related and, as such, hide once the temperature hits below 75 degrees. I really don’t like pumpkin spice anything, especially since Martha Stewart deemed it basic AF. And as for Halloween? I honestly never truly loved it as much as my friends and colleagues did. My family never celebrated it, and by the time I started college, I simply lost the urge to.

    And, no disrespect to a holiday that involves great things like candy and costumes, but the worst part of Halloween is all the horror films that come with it. I mean, life is scary enough, so why make it worse with, like, murderous clowns?

    It’s safe to say that I’ll be spending the rest of this month complaining about the cold weather and avoiding the pressure of my friends to see all the new horror films out there, so in honor of spending this month indoors and away from clowns in sewers, we’ve rounded up a list of the 20 best not-so-scary films to watch. Because even us scaredy cats need some love, too.

    See our picks, below.

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