Here Are 15 Movies That Should Have You Very Pumped For 2017

A very early preview

As this disappointing summer movie season sputters to a close and another round of awards-hungry movies lurk just around the corner, we figured we'd look ahead to some of next year's most anticipated releases. From Luc Besson's stylish return to sci-fi to a Blade Runner sequel 30 years in the making, here are 15 movies coming out next year that, if they live up to their promise, should get you to the multiplex in 2017. 

Photo via New Line Cinema

It (Part 1)
After a troubled, stop-start history that saw Cary Fukunaga come within months of shooting the project before abandoning it, a big screen version of one of Stephen King's most lasting tales is finally on its way. The ambitious project will unfold in two parts, as a group of kids battles against a sinister force that terrorizes them, and then reunites many years later when it returns. Bill Skarsgård, of the genetically blessed Skarsgårds, is playing Pennywise the clown, made iconic by Tim Curry in the 1990 TV miniseries. As you can see by the photo, that's good casting.