20 Books You’ll Want To Read This Summer

    Our big summer book preview

    by · May 25, 2017

    As we all prepare to embark upon our journey into the multi-month steaming hot cesspool we call summer (does this sound like I hate the season? I don't! I love steaming hot cesspools, it's why I live in New York), I can't help but think to myself how lucky we are that, despite the fact that the world is in a state of great turmoil, at least there's good stuff to read. Not just good, but great. Below are the 20 books I'm most excited about right now, and I think you'll share in that excitement, too.

    Read one, read them all, just make sure to spend some of your sweat-soaked time this season hunkered down with a good book. That's what I'll be doing, for sure.

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