20 Books You’ll Want To Read This Summer


Our big summer book preview

As we all prepare to embark upon our journey into the multi-month steaming hot cesspool we call summer (does this sound like I hate the season? I don't! I love steaming hot cesspools, it's why I live in New York), I can't help but think to myself how lucky we are that, despite the fact that the world is in a state of great turmoil, at least there's good stuff to read. Not just good, but great. Below are the 20 books I'm most excited about right now, and I think you'll share in that excitement, too.

Read one, read them all, just make sure to spend some of your sweat-soaked time this season hunkered down with a good book. That's what I'll be doing, for sure.

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We Are Never Meeting in Real Life by Samantha Irby (available May 30)
Besides having one of the season's best covers (this is not the most important thing about a book, but it's not not that either), Irby's new collection of essays is an often riotously funny, unflinching, and never not provocative look into her life. Irby tackles difficult topics, like her estrangement from her father and how growing up in poverty has lifelong repercussions, including making it impossible to understand how to do things like "save for a rainy day." (Read all about Irby's take on this in her recent, excellent New York Times op-ed, "If Every Day Is a Rainy Day, What Am I Saving For?" which is also included in her book.) Irby writes about the ways in which our society is so focused on aspirational living, that it neglects the people who are just trying to survive. But the book is never preachy, rather it is skillful in its ability to reveal the essential realities of how so many of us live and dream and hope and fail, in ways that are inimitably our own.