The Ultimate Lazy Costume DIY

Photographed by Liz RIccardi

3 ways to upgrade your sheet ghost!

Some things that are classic: Red lipstick, little black dresses, blue jeans, pearls...and bed sheets repurposed as a ghost "costume" on October 31, at approximately 10 p.m. I mean, I grew up without TV, but I hear even Charlie Brown did it.

While there is definitely something to be admired in the IDGAF spirit of this costume in it's rawest form—bed sheet: meet scissors. There are also some super-easy ways to take this costume to the next level. And don't you worry, you can still pull them off day of without breaking the bank.

Click through the gallery for your DIY guide to winning the sheet-ghost game with three easy upgrades. >>

Photos by Liz Riccardi



- Colorful sheet (or fabric of your choice—I was drawn to gold lamé—three yards will suffice)

- Scissors

- Hot-glue gun + glue (Velcro or needle and thread can be substituted)

- Embellishments: plastic jewels, fabric, ribbons, pipe cleaners—whatever you've got! 

- Black fabric for eyes (I used old tights)

STEP 1: Scientific measurement.

I forced my roomate under my fabric and marked roughly where the eyes belonged.

STEP 2: Surgery.

I cut the feet off some old tights and then cut them into spooky alien shapes. I sewed them onto the lamé and stitched red pom-poms to their centers. You know, so people could tell I was not of this world, and also a party animal, and also a mischievous ghost. 

I used scissors to cut holes where my actual eyes would be. If you plan on secretly texting/napping through most of your halloween parties, this step is unecessary. 


STEP 3: Get creative.

I reimagined my plastic jewels as shooting stars, comets, and planets and decided to create an abstract celestial masterpiece on the body of this ghost. Basically, I just hot-glued the jewels and some strips of fringe all over the place. Follow your alien heart. 

(But be careful: Hot glue is hot.)



Go to an out-of-this-world Halloween party!

(Or just stand around putting out alien vibes, waiting for your mothership.)

Photos by Liz Riccardi



- White sheet

- Sharpie

- Scissors

STEP 1: Scientific measurement.

Throw the sheet over a friend, or yourself, and mark where your eyes are. Or just guess!

STEP 2: Surgery.

Use the sharpie to draw on your ghost eyes. Use the scissors to cut actual holes where your eyeballs are. 


STEP 3: Get Creative.

Use the Sharpie to draw whatever creepy images pop into your mind. We're talking skulls, goblets full of blood, daggers, bats, candles—the creepier the better. Ghosts have seen it all. 

Note: You don't have to be a skilled artist to master this step—in fact, the "worse" your drawings are, the scarier they'll look. Just go with it.


Don't be surprised if you become a famous ghost-sheet artist after this. 



Photos by Liz Riccardi



- Pink sheet (or colorful fabric of your choice—three yards should do the trick)

- Scissors

- Needle + thread (Or velcro or a hot-glue gun)

- Embellishments: Buttons, faux flowers, fabric scraps, ribbon, old jewelry...whatever you've got! I scored a bunch of cheap, fake flowers at my local dollar store and used leftover Christmas tinsel for "eyelashes."

- Black fabric for eyes (I used old tights)

STEP 1: Scientific measurement.

I forced my roomate under my fabric and marked roughly where the eyes belonged.

STEP 2Surgery.

I cut the feet off some old tights and then cut them in half. Next, I snipped some tinsel and hot glued it to the tights. Then I sewed them onto the fabric. 

To make super-sneaky eye holes I cut the fabric underneath the "eyelashes." (You don't really need to see much as a ghost. You can sense things.)



STEP 3: Get Creative.

I sat on the couch and watched half of Sleepy Hollow while randomly stiching on buttons, flowers, etc. When I got lazy, I switched to hot glue. 

Be completely random with your placement and remember: the more bling, the better. 



Go be spooky and adorable.