6 Places It’s Cheap To Live If You Want To Start Over In 2018

From our friends at The Zoe Report

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Running away is never the answer unless, of course, it is. This editor found quitting her last job and moving to Bali provided amazing clarity in her life, and served as a reset button for a lot of the persistent issues she’d been facing prior to the (somewhat impulsive) move. Sometimes, when you’re likewise needing to refresh and revitalize, a simple vacation won’t do. Here, six places it’s cheap to live if you’re looking to get the heck out of Dodge in the new year.

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According to these numbers, the average monthly rent on a one-bedroom in Bali is $200. We don't think you're going to pay that (at least, this editor didn't), but even four times that is still considerably cheaper than rents in major US cities. Meals, groceries and the like are also much cheaper, and you can eat three-course dinners nightly for a week and not spend as much as you would in one or two nights in, say, LA. The only thing that isn't cheaper in Bali—and this is a big caveat for some of us—is the wine.

Not sure where to start? We found this adorable bungalow in Ubud for around $650 a month.