7 Female Comics On How Being A Woman in Comedy Has Affected Them

for better and for worse

The New York Comedy Festival wrapped up last weekend, and among its stellar lineup of professional laugh generators were some of the funniest women on the planet. And yes, despite the blinding success of names like Schumer and Silverman, being a woman in the male-dominated comedy world is still very much a thing, and it has affected female stand-ups from the moment they picked up their first mic. We asked seven of these women—all of whom killed it at the NYCF—about what being a woman who makes people laugh for a living has meant to them, for better and for worse.

Margaret Cho
"One time I got my period while I was performing! It didn't really show that much, so it wasn't like a London Marathon situation (I love that woman, btw) in that it wasn't that bloody. But it did affect my performance! I was suddenly taken out of the moment and I was wondering if i should just bring it up and start discussing it right then and there, but it didn't bleed enough to be seen! I tried to push it out so I could show the audience, but it was just that first day thick, mucus dark brown that wouldn't budge. So I just ruined my pants and was unable to make a point about my period, an opportunity lost and will likely not happen again because I'm pretty well into menopause."