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emilia clarke is officially a dior girl

Today is...

National Nachos Day!

News of the Day:

+ Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke is the new face of Dior's Rose des Vents fine jewelry collection.

+ A random billboard popped up in Toronto and now everyone thinks it's (literally) a sign that Drake might be dropping Views From The Six soon. In the mean time, maybe get this Holiday Bling sweater to keep your heart warm?

Carl Kahler's My Wife's Lovers (1891) painting was sold for $826,000 at Sotheby's 19th Century European Art sale. Apparently, someone really likes cats... A lot. So much so that they needed a 6 ft. x 8.5 ft., 227 pound painting of 42 felines. The painting was originally comissioned by San Franciscan millionaire Kate Birdsall Johnson, who owned 350 cats. (Talk about a crazy cat lady...)

+ Adidas is launching a program that finances design resrouces to high schools that want to re-brand their offensive mascots.

+ Check out some of the images by Petra Collins that are featured in Rizzoli's recently released Feelings: Soft Art. Tracey Emin, Shayne Oliver, Dev Hynes, Ryan McGinley, Alex Olson, Sterling Ruby, and Ty Dolla Sign are also contributors.

Deal of the Day:

Get 25% off select items + free monogramming at Madewell!

Advice of the Day:

"I am a feminist, and we all should be feminist because feminism is another word for equality."- Malala Yousafzai

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