You’ll Fall For These 8 Fall Movies That Will Get You Ready For The Fall


    by · September 21, 2016

    Collage photos via Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, MGM, Newmarket Films, Dreamworks, BBC and Universal

    Last month we ran a fall movie preview, which was a post highlighting movies that would be released this fall. This post however, while having to do with both movies and the fall, is somewhat different. It is a post about the movies, eight to be exact, that are somehow related to the seasonal qualities of fall, not the temporal ones. You know, leaves changing color, drinks getting warmer and more cinnamon-y, and pumpkin patches. They are not of the summer, or of the winter, or even of the spring. Each of the following movies are so quintessentially fall, it’s pretty much the first thing you think about when you read their titles.  

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