i love the ’90s


which awesome old tv show deserves a comeback?

Everybody knows that '90s TV was the best kind of TV. So when we got news today that The Cartoon Network is planning to revive The Powerpuff Girls, well, it's both amazing and totally not surprising one bit.

After all, old school TV favorites are experiencing a serious resurgence, and not only on Nick at Nite reruns. Already people are cashing in on the past sucess of Reading Rainbow with a Netflix series; Disney's rolled out a Boy Meets World spinoff, and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers just inspired an upcoming full-length film. Oh, and need we remind you of the CW's twist on Beverly Hills 90210? Didn't think so.

Needless to say, the PPG announcement is only the tip of the '90s nostalgia iceberg, which begs the question: what other series from the decade deserves a 21st century makeover? Find out our picks in the gallery, then let us know yours.... 

Clarissa Explains It All: It was one of those shows that was just way ahead of its time. From the insanely amazing outfits, to how Clarissa Darling deals with her feelings about her best dude Sam, the show could still be every girl's guide to life in 2014. --Jackie Yaeger, City Editor and Newsletter Manager