ICB Releases Capsule Lookbook

photo by Eli Schmidt

and shows you how to be a woman.

ICB decided to put a new spin on their spring/summer 2016 collection by releasing a capsule lookbook with etiquette lessons called, "How to Be a Woman," playing on those proper manners we all knew to be important back in the day. With a book of etiquette on different situations alongside images of their spring/summer 2016 collection, the lookbook creates a great juxtaposition of the old-fashioned "ideal woman" with a new, contemporary take on it. Click through to see the images, as well as some of our favorite classic points on conversation, greetings, how to sit, and even afternoon tea.

Photographer: Eli Schmidt
Stylist: Michael Kozak
Model: Kel Markey, Supreme
Hair & Makeup: Tadayoshi Honda

The Art of Conversation

The general rules of conversation for a woman are as follows: Think before you speak, never express ills or unpleasantness, and avoid tormenting your listener with private concerns, which are in bad taste. A conversation, ideally, should be an exchange of thoughts and ideas rather than a display of one’s wit and vocabulary. A woman needn’t be clever in order to hold a conversation that inspires delight. As we now know, the primary rule of behavior in public is “try to only do and say that which others will find agreeable,” a concept that also applies to conversation. Avoid absent-minded chatter, and think about not just what you are saying, but to whom you are saying it. A bachelor of 20 shant be concerned with a woman’s musings about her new baby, nor would she be amused at his talk of carousing. These blunders can be avoided simply by thinking before you speak. Similarly, tactlessness can lead to cruel and tasteless blunders. Don’t speak of the joys of dancing to the lame, the rosiness of youth to the elderly and aging, or the bliss of children to an old maid. Finally, aim to avoid being a bore. The bore will tell you a story for the hundredth time; each loathsome detail held up to the light and examined like a rare and shining stone. To the bore, each grain of sand on a beach encapsulates the same wonder and delight an artist might find in a rich, tropical sunset.