This Might Be Our Favorite Tumblr Yet

meet actual teen vs. adult teen.

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Television; Courtesy of DreamWorks SKG.

There are many Tumblrs out there—more than enough to fill a single lifetime, for sure—but not all stand out. The ones that do, though—like Ann Foster’s Actual Teen vs. Adult Teen—are captivating, hilarious, and, most importantly, smart. After realizing the age discrepancy between Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s characters, she got to thinking about other actors who kept playing teens well into their actual adult years. “I started it a few years ago, thinking there would be like five or 10 actors to feature,” she tells us over email. “Little did I know it would be such a fascinating wormhole to fall into!”

Well, we fell into it, too, and decided to reach out to Foster for a bit more commentary on some of her favorite posts. It’s all very illuminating and highlights that old Picasso quote: “Youth has no age.”

Photo: Courtesy of Buena Vista Pictures; Courtesy of Focus Features.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
"I was surprised to find Joseph Gordon-Levitt, aged 24, playing a teen in 2004's Brick, looking nothing like the teen I'd been so happy to see represented five years prior. I think this was my first post."

Left: 18-year-old Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing 16-year-old Cameron in 10 Things I Hate About You.
Right: 24-year-old Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing 16-year-old Brendan in Brick.