The Secret To That Effortlessly Undone Look

Photographed by Nagi Sakai

perfectly messy

I've always been envious of folks with chic, long hair. There's a certain power that comes with looking like you've put no effort into your look. It shows you care, but with a knowing wink. An unmentionable chunk of my budget has gone into searching for the perfect combination of products that make it look like I don't care, but, after all was said, sprayed, and done, my medicine cabinet begged to differ.

Then came AG Hair's Texture line. Four, very pretty-looking products that are the definition of #hairgoals. Not only are they incredibly easy to use, they're packed with seaweed extracts and anti-aging seaberry oil—a combination AG Hair has dubbed its Sea Complex—that naturally help with texturizing. After playing around with the goods for a few weeks, my poor, heat-damaged hair looked and felt alive—not to mention as close to runway-cool as I could get without a stylist. No more fumbling around beauty stores in 2016. The secret to looking perfectly undone is here. Let's get (perfectly) messy.

Cleansing Cream
On the days I didn't want to shampoo and condition, I applied this miracle product. This foam-free hair wash combines both to clean hair without stripping it of its oil. It left my hair feeling soft. The menthol within the formula was like a caffeine shot to my scalp in the morning. Talk about feeling fresh.

AG Hair, Texture Cleansing Cream, $24, available at Ulta.