Boozy Clothing That Will Fast-Forward You To The Weekend

Photo by Doll's Kill.

Get drunk off these tees

We're halfway to the weekend, which means the time to imbibe is near. Nothing too nuts—just a marg or some beer or a bottle of wine (or two). And even if you're not planning on hitting the sauce, that doesn't mean you can't wear it on your sleeve. Not literally, because wearing liquid is impossible, but more in a figurative sense. Specifically, with some booze-themed swag that we have kicking around in the NYLONshop. We'd love to beer you one of these beer tees. Or how about this Love Potion Flask, perfect for taking the edge off? And if you're on a health kick, throw a little kombucha into the mix (technically kombucha does contain some alcohol, so it counts). 

Click through our gallery to see all the boozy apparel available in the NYLONshop, and you'll feel like it's happy hour all day long.

Photo by Sarah K Jelleren.

Social Decay, Whiskey Business Crop Top, $36, available at NYLONshop.