15 All-Natural Bath Time Essentials


Relax and indulge in some “me time”

Let’s face it: most of us live lives that are much busier and more hectic than we would like them to be. Whether we fear or thrive on the stress that our everyday activities and responsibilities can bring, it’s important to take some time to focus on (and, ahem, pamper) ourselves. With that being said, when we do finally have the time to settle down and relax, we should make the most of it.

Well, it can’t get much more luxurious and self-indulgent than treating yourself to a hot bath. While there have been a ton of bath oil and bubbles on the market for quite some time now, the newest bath time essentials are all-natural and hold a number of beneficial qualities.

Salts, essential oils, clays, flowers, and other ingredients have the power to help detoxify your body, relieve stress, and even contribute to a ritual—in addition to helping you relax. From bubble bars that look like slices of cake to carefully picked flowers to help you ring in the new moon, we rounded up 15 must-have natural products to help make your time in the tub more beneficial and enjoyable. Now all you need are some candles and good music.

Click through the gallery below to check out our picks, and prepare for some serious and much-needed relaxation.

Photo courtesy of Fig + Yarrow

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