15 bold accessories for badass brides

    strut, don’t walk, down the aisle

    by · February 23, 2015

    The wedding industry is a powerful force. Aside from manifesting phenomena like monogrammed cocktail napkins and maid-of-honor-themed iPhone cases, it has also decreed that, on the day of your wedding, thou shalt wear ladylike shoes in soft hues, delicate diamonds and pearls around your neck, a frilly garter around your leg, and perhaps a demure cluster of rhinestones in your hair. Luckily, rules are meant to be broken.

    Of course, there’s absolutely not a damn thing wrong with embracing all the frills if that’s what you’re into. But if your everyday style involves more leather and black denim than, say, pastels and pearls, why should that be any different on your wedding day? After all, we’re guessing the person you’re marrying probably really digs you. Key word being “you”—not an Emily Post-approved version of yourself. (Plus, let’s be honest: anyone would feel like a badass walking down the aisle in glitter pumps and a leather jacket.)

    So, in honor of fearless brides-to-be who want to let their style shine through on their big day, we rounded up a few accessories that boldly buck the bridal trends. Because if wearing studs and safety pins down the aisle is wrong, we don’t want to be right.

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