The Most Meme-able Moments From ‘America’s Next Top Model’


“But make it fashion”

When The CW first premiered America’s Next Top Model in 2003, there’s no way it could have predicted that the show would become a trailblazer in reality TV. However, 24 cycles later and ANTM continues to be as influential as it was when it first debuted. 

Arguably one of the biggest competition reality show franchises to date, Tyra Banks’ baby spawned a million memes and GIFS that have catapulted the show to the forefront of pop cultural consciousness. From continued calls to do something—anything—“but make it fashion” to a verifiable treasure trove of Miss J. reactions, ANTM’s impact is peak internet. So in honor of the show turning 15, we undertook the difficult task of selecting a few of the show’s most meme-able moments—from faints to falls to freak-outs. Check out our list below to see if your fave reaction GIF made the cut.

Cycle 1: Ebony’s Fake Cry
Arguably the best “LOL JK” reaction ever, Ebony Haith’s fake-out cry moment is likely one of the best moments in ANTM history. Someone get this girl an acting rep, stat.