Opening Ceremony Is Bringing Back Anna Sui’s ’90s Grunge Collection

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Archival image courtesy of Anna Sui,

The following feature appears in the May 2016 issue of NYLON.

Anna Sui’s spring 1993 collection ushered in one of the most seminal and controversial eras in style history. Alongside Christian Francis Roth and Marc Jacobs for Perry Ellis (whose collection infamously got him fired), Sui was among the earliest designers to not only nod to the grunge influences in mainstream culture, but bring them directly to the high-fashion market. It was one of the first times that youth culture held authority over the industry, and there was some shock and awe. 

Now, 23 years later, those who have been scouring eBay for Sui’s original garments are in luck. Opening Ceremony is exclusively reissuing a capsule collection with some of the designer’s most influential pieces from that time period: the Grunge Collection’s baby-doll dresses, cropped tees, chokers, Anna May Wong knit caps, decoupage handbags, butterfly cameos, crochet-trimmed tulle tops, and satin lingerie pieces. The birthday cake handbag and a sequin-embellished organza dress from Sui’s 1994 Punk Collection will also be available. And while the collection may not scandalize as many as it did back in the early ‘90s, it still has the same angsty spirit. 

Click through the gallery to check out the pieces from the collection.

Anna Sui for Opening Ceremony, Butterfly Embroidered Sleeveless Dress, $590, available at