Your Anti-Blockbuster Guide To Movies This Summer


14 movies that are not junk food for your brain

Despite a slate of potentially good (and maybe even great) blockbusters arriving in theaters this summer, as always, the more interesting and rewarding movies don’t involve ballooning budgets and third-act efforts to save the world. If you’re willing to look beyond the multiplex, you’ll find that indie distributors aren’t afraid of the monolithic, profit-driven tendencies of the mainstream movie industry, and are bravely counter-programming their little indies that could against the CGI money monsters designed to take your dollars. Here are 14 of them that you should not miss.

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Hounds of Love
The chilling premise of this lauded Australian indie revolves around a young woman named Evelyn who is abducted by a disturbed, serial killing couple who hold her captive in a bedroom. Realizing that their plan is to kill her, she hatches a counter-plan to divide the two of them through manipulation and mind games. The movie’s trailer is as beautiful to look at as it is harrowing, and it’s likely we’ll be looking back on this movie as the launching pad for the careers of both star Emma Booth and director Ben Young.