7 Ingenious Apps Created By Women

Image via Beautified

Tech it out

When picturing a tech startup, the stereotype is common: a group of boyish-looking, hoodie-clad men huddled around computers, likely sipping energy drinks into the wee hours of the morning. While the image may not be 100 percent accurate in every case, it’s true that the tech world, and in particular, the rapidly growing app industry, is a place that is largely male-dominated—an episode of Silicon Valley alone could show that. But in spite of the gender imbalance, some of the most impressive apps have been brainstormed, developed, and brought to fruition by women.

One of the most well-known female-developed apps is Bumble, the feminist answer to Tinder, which was, in fact, created by former Tinder co-founder Whitney Wolfe. What makes this app unique? Only women can initiate communication in the case of heterosexual connections. But dating apps aren’t the only contribution women have made to the behemoth that is the App Store.

These seven apps created by women satisfy a need in the tech market, as well as improve the lives of their users in a number of different, compelling ways, from making it easier to book last-minute bang trims to making a walk home at night safer than ever before. If anything’s clear, it’s that women have a place in tech.

Image via On Second Thought

On Second Thought

Just as Gmail’s unsend feature has undeniably changed the level of nerves that go into pressing “send” on an important email, On Second Thought has, too, similarly revolutionized our approach to text messages. When set as the default SMS app, On Second Thought allows users to take back text messages within a grace period of up to 60 seconds, which can prove to be pretty life-changing in the case of drunk texts, awkward autocorrections, or just regrettable messages. Creator Maci Peterson had originally pitched her concept in a competition at SXSW and after winning first place, she created the app, which is currently available for Android via the Google Play store and in development for iOS.