Your April Horoscopes Are Here

Illustrated by Georgia Loughlin

What the stars have in store for this month

The delays are over: Spring is here, and so is that much-needed shot of energy from the Sun’s high point in jovial Aries. Feeling antsy? Join the club. The return of the Sun King promises progress, inspiring all 12 signs to bite off as much as they can chew this month—but be careful not to choke.

An enterprising Aries New Moon on April 7 provides an essential burst of energy to launch big things in motion—domestic affairs for earth signs, sexual adventures for fire signs, emotional shifts in perspective and intuition for water signs, and communications projects and professional advancement for air signs. Be bold in your blueprint, but be patient: Mars, the planet ruling energy and ambition, will clock out of commission from April 17 to June 29, causing major delays in all signs’ progress. Seize this sleepy, underground energy as an opportunity to fine-tune your strategy until the coast is clear. Charge your spiritual batteries this season to avoid anxiety—you’ll need all your energy for your ideas to take flight.

Super-deep emotions are birthed after a long, shadowy gestation through a Full Moon in intense, sultry Scorpio on April 22. Feel all the feelings and then let them go—ain’t nobody got time for grudges and emotional outbursts once Mercury turns retrograde on April 28.

Illustrated by Georgia Loughlin

Aries: It’s Personal

Magnetism is your gift from the celestial Gods as Aries Season crests during the first week of April with Venus, goddess of beauty, luxury, and romance, gliding into your sign on April 5 in blissful alignment with the New Moon in Aries on the 7th. Your electric charm will be instrumental in getting your way this month—whether or not you have the energy to work is another question entirely. Clocking your own progress is key, especially near the happy Aries New Moon when you could strike a golden opportunity to further your personal development. Work fast, though: On April 17, your ruling planet Mars will almost completely tap out, moving retrograde until late June. Approach literally everything with patience and allow extra time to cushion important deadlines while Mars naps—plans are likely to stall and projects will need multiple revisions. Nix frustration (and major burnout) by taking a hint from Mars and slow down. You’re only competing against yourself, anyway.