The Coolest Diamond Jewelry For April Birthdays

Because diamonds are a girl’s best friend

If you’re born in April, you’re pretty lucky. Not only is your birthday during a full-on spring awakening, but you also have the luxury of having a diamond as your birthstone.

The diamond represents a number of things for those with April birthdays. In many cultures of the present and past, they have depicted courage and strength, which makes total sense—the word diamond is derived from the Greek word adamas, which means “invincible.” It also represents affection, eternity, and everlasting love—which is why it’s such a popular gift for your significant other, and symbolic as an engagement ring stone.

While we may ultimately think of luxury when we think of the gem, surprisingly not all diamond jewelry is as pricey as you may think. We rounded up some of the coolest diamond-studded pieces out there, at every price point. 

Click through the gallery below to check out our picks for the best diamond gifts, whether for yourself or for the lucky Aries and Taurus ladies in your life. These 18 pieces are anything but basic. 

Photo courtesy of Local Eclectic.

Ale Bremer Jewelry, Diamond Diagrid Ring, $78, available at Local Eclectic.