Your April Horoscopes Are Here


What the stars have in store for you this month

This month, the stars are making moves, the kind of moves that make for good theatre about the irresolute differences found along generational divides. Law-abiding Saturn retrogrades, moody Pluto retrogrades, self-righteous Mars works himself into a fit all in Daddy Capricorn. Meanwhile, Mercury retrogrades (and then lands in shadow zone), Chiron moves his furniture, the New Moon initiates change, and Uranus rebels all in that infant terrible Aries.

Sophocles' Antigone comes to mind now, in her fight to honor her brother and renounce the law of the land which did not honor the higher law of love and familial duty. Ancient Greek texts stay relevant, it seems, since so many young people today are calling for a Constitution that puts their lives and the memories of lives lost before the investments of politicians. Like in Antigone, each act of rebellion is smoothed over by dawn and re-performed with a sense of irreverent duty. So many shootings, in schools, in movie theatres, in nightclubs and churches. We forget that some gun-related crimes are state-sanctioned, we fail at regulating the state. Like Thebes, this country overlooks the madness of its leaders, their unrepentant re-occurring crimes against humanity, the glaring absurdity of their justifications.

And what about our lives? Our small webs of connection and relation? Venus stations in Taurus and what's closest to us still offers us pleasure: the roses might burst from the bud any day, the sun so warm we take our coats off, the sweet and understanding way a friend might reach across the table and place their hand on yours. Relish it when you can get it, reader. The veil between public life and private life is as thin as gauze, especially for those of us who have already lost more than we care to recount. What's gone won't return, we know, but life arrives regardless of our grief. It's bursting through the dirt, it's changing the trees, it's working on our hearts.

It’s an important time for you, little ram, and the road ahead might feel smoother than it has in a long time but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to ask a lot of you. Your sense of self, your sense of creative purpose, has been radicalized by the past few years—reflecting the disquiet of a nation in discord—and you’ve come up with a deep appreciation for your own gifts. What you offer this world, what can so often be mistaken for practical service, is often an outpouring of unconditional love. Mars in Capricorn clarifies your drive and gives it a knightly nobility.

For the craft you work to master, for the house you rebuild each season, for the people and animal who depend on your willpower, what you offer returns to you threefold.

Still, reward is part of a cycle, and while you may feel yourself on top of the wheel, it will serve you to never forget the functions of wheels and their inevitable turn. Chiron, wounded healer, has been squeezing Pisces’ heart like a lemon juicer for years and is finally ready to gallop over to your house. Although Chiron promises to bop between Pisces and Aries for the next year, this transit marks his first visit and, let me tell you, he’s the kind of guest that takes up space. Expect the bubbling of old hurts and an echoing of traumatic memory and start collecting the tools you need to face yourself because the only way out is through.