18 Art Prints To Refresh Your Apartment In 2017

New year, new art

New year, new you, new apartment, new hair... etc., etc., etc. As we've all read many times over, the new year is a great time to refresh everything. Declutter your mind, body, soul, and closet, reorganize, begin anew. And it's true. The start of a new year is actually a great time to make changes, goals, 'tude adjustments. And even though I want to hate on the whole idea of it, I think it feels freakin' good.

Though laziness sometimes prevents me from complete execution, I do hold a theory (which I've mentioned before here and here) that rotating "seasonally" themed art and decor is the key to a happy home. But I would also like to make clear that the term "seasonal" is one I use loosely. Honestly, I just consider changes in the weather to be a good catalyst for mixing things up. After all, art inspired by a holiday you don't celebrate or weather you hate will not make you feel happy or inspired. Duh. If I were to put together a round-up of literal "New Year-Inspired" or "January-in-the-Northeast" art, it would be comprised of motivational quotes and monochromatic landscapes (okay, I included a few of each), but I mostly get my fill of both on Instagram. 

When it comes to refreshing your home with some new art in the new year, I think the best approach is to just do you. Resolutions are hard enough, don't overthink it. Hang something you love looking at, that inspires YOU, that makes you laugh or feel calm. For me, ideal 2017 art vibes can basically be broken down into a few categories: plants, food, cheeky nudity, and travel, all in bright colors! No surprise, these are themes I'd like to carry over into my real life in the new year. 

Click through the gallery to see some of my favorite picks.

Tallulah Fontaine Beach Gal Art Print, $19-$399, available at Urban Outfitters.