15 Artists On Their Favorite Music Venues

Collage by Danielle Moalem.

Bishop Briggs, The Knocks, Sofi Tukker, and more weigh in

A good music venue is essential to the concert experience. Is the space standing room only? How are the sight lines? Are lots of views blocked by a pole? Is everyone crowded together in one intimate room or are you in a stadium where you can barely make out the people across from you? All of these factors can make the difference between a great and a mediocre show. You're paying to hear a particular musician, but your money is also going toward the experience—and the space you walk into dictates that.

But, being able to make out who's on stage is a lot different than the semantics the person on stage has to deal with. There are a lot of logistics that we, as the onlookers, don't even think about—because we don't have to. Like, making sure you have enough space, correct lighting, the ability to see the crowd, good acoustics. Every artist has their preferences, and every artist has a favorite venue.

And just so we could see if our favorite venues line up with those of our favorite artists, we thought we'd ask some performers what the best venue or concert they've played has been and why. See what they had to say ahead.

Bishop Briggs
The Troubadour will always hold a magical place in my memory because, before I ever played it, it was the venue I'd go to to be reminded of how much I love music and how important it is to keep going, because when it comes to matters of the soul, you have to persist.”