The Prettiest Peridot Jewelry For August Birthdays


The ultimate gift for the Leos and Virgos in your life

Whether we want to accept it or not, August is here, marking the last true month of summer (wasn’t it just spring?) and the reign of a new birthstone. Today, vibrantly red rubies take a backseat to the ever-rare, golden-green, semi-precious peridots.

The peridot is said to be mentally stimulating and physically regenerating, encouraging one’s inner radiance and sharpening the mind. It has also been regarded as a protective stone by earlier civilizations, known to drive away the forces of darkness—from sorcery and magic to night terrors. Think of it as your lucky charm. 

Fun fact? These babies are one of only two gems (the other being diamond) that are formed in the molten rock of earth’s upper mantle, and they only surface via some serious forces (we’re talking earthquakes and volcanoes).

In honor of the August birthdays out there, we picked out the prettiest peridot pieces, so you know exactly what to gift all the fierce Leo ladies—and those early Virgos—in your life. I mean, we’d only gift the best to our best (and ourselves, obviously).

Click through the gallery below to check out our picks.

Photo courtesy of Bona Drag

AESA, Sylvania’s Ponte Choker, $315, available at Bona Drag.