Avonlea Says Writing A Song Is Like Having A Baby


Catch up with our August #Playlisted headliner

Last month, Avonlea graced us with her presence at our music series, #Playlisted. And we're still thinking about it—those dreamy vocals, those perfect lyrics, that effortless stage presence...

We caught up with the singer before her set, and she told us that her creative process, especially when it comes to songwriting, is exhausting in the best possible way. "When I write a song that’s really good... [it's] like I just birthed a child," she says. "It’s very draining and emotional." Watch on, in the video above, as she talks about her pre-show jitters, why she got into music, and how she felt when she wrote her first song—when she was just 10 years old.

Produced by Sam Gutstadt
DP by Steven Moreno
Edited by Madeline Stedman
Shot by Joe Marine
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