Our Two Fashion Faves Have Partnered Up For A Swim Line

Millennials, this one is for you

Photograph courtesy of LIVELY.

We love when our separate groups of friends randomly meet each other and instantly get along. We love it even more when that chance encounter prompts a working partnership.

This is how we felt today when our favorite lingerie and swim brand, LIVELY, and our favorite accessories brand, ban.do, joined forces to launch exclusive swimwear. Made up of striped and solid pieces in a variety of styles, that can be mixed and matched true to LIVELY's ethos, the collection will be available exclusively on LIVELY's and ban.do's sites, marking the first time direct-to-consumer brand LIVELY is offering its styles at another retailer.

"We are so excited to partner with ban.do for our first venture in exclusively offering LIVELY product with a brand that aligns with our own," Michelle Cordeiro Grant, LIVELY Founder and CEO, said in a press release announcing the drop. "We teamed up with ban.do because we both value the 360 approach of community first, product, and then experience. Both LIVELY and ban.do also share a similar brand ethos when it comes to empowering women, encouraging non-conformity, and celebrating individuality." 

It's true, it couldn't be a better fit, with ban.do's cheeky aesthetic—with workout bags touting "After this, we're getting pizza," and desk planners stating,"I am very busy"—being a perfect companion to LIVELY's laid-back approach to "leisurée," as the brand has come to refer to its offerings. "By having both of our brands come together, it lifts the energy that we are currently sharing across our communities," Cordeiro Grant added. 

Our favorite part? The ability to stock up on ban.do's Instagrammable signature fruit-shaped bags and heart floaties while buying our beloved swimwear. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Check out the styles, below, and shop the line now.

Photograph courtesy of LIVELY.

LIVELY, Tank One Piece, $65, available at ban.do.