We Found The Perfect Waterproof Lipstick That Actually Works


Just in time for beach season

As a beauty addict who secretly wishes she were a mermaid, I've been long searching for the perfect waterproof lipstick. I checked out every makeup store, but nothing felt right. Then, while scrolling through Tumblr, I came across the vegan and cruelty-free makeup brand Beauty Bakerie, which produces the ultimate waterproof makeup. I watched a video in disbelief as a woman scrubbed at a makeup swatch on her arm, under a stream of water, to absolutely no avail. 

To test it out, I personally swatched a few shades of every single product from their offering—the Lip Whip, Brownies (brow color), EyesCream (eye color) , Gelato (gel liner)—and they didn't budge. I scrubbed at my arm with water and soap, yet the makeup stayed in place. It wasn't until I used an oil-based makeup remover that it finally came off. The texture of the products was a welcome surprise too. A lot of the time, long-lasting products tend to be sticky or cakey. These were neither. They stayed put while remaining smooth, and did not crackle at all.

I'd found the holy grail of waterproof makeup. You can eat in this. You can get caught in the rain in this. You can go swimming on the first date in this, and convince him that yes, your lips are naturally blue. 

I chatted with Beauty Bakerie CEO Cashmere Carrillo to get the whole story on the liquid lipstick that changed my life.

What got you interested in the world of beauty and creating your own makeup line?
I have this long history of being into art. I’m an art lover, an art craver, whether it’s interior design, painting, music, songwriting, or poetry. I think that, as I explored the different areas, I found my niche, which is makeup. On top of being an art lover, I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit, so what I get from Beauty Bakerie is the opportunity to own, run, and make all of the decisions for my company, but then I also get to play with makeup. I feel as though I get the best of both worlds, and I get to use the company and use my influence to go out in the world and make a change, and inspire change.

What specific change do you want to make?
I think that the world needs to remember to give to others and not focus so much on their losses and challenges. Focusing on helping someone else can, in part, help you. If we can inspire everybody to consider someone else, then we could really make the world a better place. The world isn’t my customer, and I doubt if the entire world would ever be my customer. But I think that through word of mouth and through our actions, we can spread a spirit of giving and sharing and caring.

Do you have a favorite product you’ve made?
That is so hard! I would have to say I don’t have a favorite because I’m obsessed. I have a box of every product that we carry, and I carry the box to and from work with me every day, even on the days that I don’t do my makeup. I can’t say I have a favorite because, truly, I’m just in love with my brand.

What’s next for Beauty Bakerie? Do you have any new products coming out, or any exciting news?
Yes, we have Sprinkles, which is eyeshadow glitter. We also have Cake Mix foundation, or maybe the Cake Mix contour palette, that will also come back out. I’d like to have Flour, which I’d like to think will be like your baking powder or translucent powder, that will set your makeup. I’ve been playing around with a lot of different things. I guess the biggest thing would be a storefront. It would be amazing to have my own storefront.

Click through the gallery, below, to shop the standout products and colors from the line.

Photo courtesy of Beauty Bakerie

Beauty BakerieSwiss Mocha Frappe Lip Whip, $20, available at Beauty Bakerie.