Get a “Therapy” Session In With Beccs’ New Music Video

    Trust us, you need it

    by · August 24, 2016

    Hailing from Boston and a past filled with struggle, GRLCVLT member beccs is one of our new favorite cool girls. Her one-of-a-kind voice has been heard across the world, from Madrid to Cannes and all the way back to Brooklyn, New York. In her newest video, “Therapy,” “destructive beccs” meets “healer beccs” in a stellar visualization of battling one’s inner demons. In this case, beccs battles “the depth” of her eating disorder.

    “There was something my body needed to say—music allowed me to go there,” she tells us.

    The release of this video comes after six positive years of healing for beccs, who says, “It feels surreal to be in a much stronger place in my recovery finally sharing it.” 

    Aside from the messages of self-help that beccs has been putting out there to inspire fans, the video itself also displays some awesome girl power moments with a fully female crew and cast of dancers giving some seriously sapphic vibes. 

    Beccs’ debut album, Unfound Beauty, will be released on September 21.
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