The Best Books Of The Year, So Far

And who should read what

It's hard to find much about 2017 that feels incontrovertibly good; not only does every week seem to bring some catastrophic news story or another, but every day we get collectively reminded, via the insane tweets of one Donald Trump, of the collective doom toward which we're all rushing. (Happy Sunday, everyone; I do hope you're all enjoying your summer.)

But so, if you want something to distract yourself from everything going on around you (and probably inside you; shit just feels real everywhere), there's no better place to escape than in a book. Here, then, are my 21 favorite books of the year so far. I've written about them all before in one capacity or another, so will just recommend them to you all below based upon who will love them the most and why. Read one, read them all, just be grateful, I guess, that no matter what else is happening, there's at least lots of good stuff to read.

Photo courtesy of Coffee House Press

The Gift by Barbara Browning
For the person who thinks the concept of "alternative facts" is a fascinating one, but loathes the way it has manifested itself in Trump's America. For the person who can get lost in watching the way another's hands move—particularly when those hands are attached to someone they love. For the person who could spend hours watching birds flying in ever-shifting formation. For the artist.

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