10 Great Books To Read This January

    Because it’s too cold to do anything but read

    by · January 06, 2018

    Hello, hi. It is cold out. (Okay, maybe it's not cold where you are, although probably it is, because you made better life choices than the rest of us human-popsicles. IDK.) Anyway. You know what is a good thing to do in the cold? Read. It is good because it does not require that you go outside, or even get out of bed! Both these things are part of why I love to read. And so, if staying in bed under the covers also sounds good to you, then let me help you by recommending some books to keep your mind busy while you await the spring thaw.

    Here, then, are 10 great books coming out this month, all perfect for hunkering down with and forgetting the snowy hellscape just outside your window.

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