6 Amazing Books To Read This December

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    by · December 03, 2016

    Well, congratulations everybody, it seems like we've almost made it through this roller coaster of a year (and by roller coaster I don't mean, like, some gently sloping ride which leads to shouts of laughter and delight, I mean more like a terror-inducing hellscape that we may or may not survive). Seeing as how there's only one month left in 2016, some of the best possible advice I can give anyone involves steering clear of social media noise and cable news pundits (although as a responsible citizen of the world, that doesn't mean you should avoid well-reported news from respected print and online outlets).

    And, because one of the best distractions from social media rabbit holes is a good book or two, I feel a responsibility to highlight some of the best new releases this month. December can be a fraught time for books to come out; since it's the end of the year, most people are more focused on all the great books that have come out over the last 11 months. And I get it! Some really, really great books came out. But there are also some excellent new releases on shelves right now and in the coming days, all of which would be ideal to hunker down with and will undoubtedly distract your from any of the external stresses that might otherwise be troubling you.

    Click through the slideshow below to see our must-read books for the month. Read one, read 'em all, just stay away from Donald Trump's Twitter—that's the ultimate form of self-care, after all.

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