13 Amazing Books To Read This September

It’s lit

Photo by George Marks/Stringer via Getty Images

Now that our summer beach-reading days are officially behind us, it's time to settle in with some great fall reads. While we've already highlighted 20 books that we think you should look for this autumn (check those out here), we figured it might be a good idea to hone in on some of the September selects that will suit your needs, no matter what your reading tastes are. So in that spirit, none of the following books are on our original list, proving that fall 2016 is a very, very good time to be a book nerd.

From much-anticipated memoirs to wildly original graphic novels to revealing biographies, there's enough great lit coming out this month to get every book lover squealing for joy. (Or, more likely, heading straight to their local indie bookstore or behemoth online retailer to pre-order.)

The following choices are by old and new authors alike, writers from all backgrounds and experiences, and maybe even a rock god. Read on.

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After Disasters by Viet Dinh

Dinh makes his stunning debut with a novel detailing the lives of several aid workers who come together following a catastrophic earthquake in India. Dinh's work makes us re-evaluate the people we think of as heroes, and, in fact, even question the concept of such a thing as heroism in a world as complicated as ours. That doesn't mean this is a cynical take at all. Rather, it's a celebration of the messiness of humanity and the beauty found within it.

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