20 Times Celebrities Threw The Darkest Shade

photo via @ddlovato Instagram

The shade of it all

Thanks to the rise of drag culture within the mainstream, the notion of shade has become, for better or worse, prevalent within today’s vernacular. Not to be confused with the art of reading, it is best defined by Dorian Corey in Paris Is Burning. Shade is, according to Corey, not telling someone they’re ugly because “[they] know [they’re] ugly.” Often, shade is thrown with a subtle gesture or eye movement. Side-eye is the easiest to do, but hard to master. It’s about nuance. It’s about attitude. It’s about confidence. And once you recognize it, life is never the same. You become keen to shade, alert for its presence, and ready to throw some of your own. If you aren’t yet aware, these following celebrities will help you get there. Read, watch, and observe. This is a master class in shade throwing.

Photo by Brenda Chase/USA Online, Inc.

No one threw shade like Beyoncé did during Destiny's Child's era. (You'll see in the pages ahead.) Here, she tops the side-eye off with a cough. Brutal.