The Best Of Etsy: 17 Of Our Favorite Shops

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    by , · July 28, 2015

    Whenever we have a spare minute or two, we find ourselves on Etsy. And as soon as we get to its homepage, it's almost like we're put into a trance. With 1.4 million active sellers and over 32 million items up for sale, it's nearly impossible to leave the site. Suddenly, minutes turn to hours, and at that point, we're late for all of our plans. But, no matter what our friends say about how it's "not nice" to "ditch" them "repeatedly," it all seems worth it.

    Now, we have a drawer full of patches, a desk piled high with bespoke stationary, and a closet overflowing with one-of-a-kind kimonos. And we wouldn't be where we were without them. So, now, while we're waiting on Scully and Mulder to figure out exactly what spell Etsy has put us under, we have a go-to list of awesomely weird shops. 

    Click through the gallery to see our 17 favorite shops, then get ready to fall down the rabbit hole.

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