These Are The Absolute Best Creams For Dry Hands

    Because our hands need all the help they can get this winter

    by · November 13, 2017

    Ugh, we know. Hand creams? Seems like such an unnecessary beauty purchase. Only, you know, it’s not. Your hands need special attention. The skin on your hands is actually really prone to damage, both from the sun and other elements. And just like the rest of our body, hands can show signs of aging—in fact, they’re often the first part of your body that does so. Do we have your attention now? Great. Let’s get into it.

    Hand creams are underused because they’re so easy to forget about. But with the temperature dropping and, in turn, our moisture levels, it’s something you’re going to want to remember. Plus, when you use something often, you’ll get into the habit of using it all the time. Having the product be as cute and effective as possible will, too, help you remember to apply.

    Click through the slideshow, below, to learn about some of our favorite hand cream options for the driest and coldest of climes.

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