instant crush

our editors’ guide to the coolest people you need to follow on instagram.

When the CFDA announced earlier this week that it was introducing an "Instagrammer of the Year" award, it was big news. But perhaps more importantly, it gave the entire NYLON Digital Department an automatic excuse to scroll through our feeds and come up with our own collective list of the top Instagrammers.

Featuring everyone from models-slash-adventurers, superstar puppies, and even young Leo (because duh), check out these must-follow faves here. Oh, and if you're not following us already, get on that!

@Mydaywithleo: "Some genius is taking Leonardo cutouts from Leo's prime and photographing them at various places in New York. It's like when Travelocity had that gnome, but 500000x hotter because it's Leonardo DiCaprio."-- Blair Waters, NYLON TV Producer