6 Apps To Help You Get Your Shit Together

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    by · January 10, 2016

    Illustrated by Liz Riccardi.

    By now, the phrase “new year, new you” has been exhausted to what seems like no end. Still, the idea behind it still stands. After all, sometimes we all need some sort of event to provide a fresh start and motivate us to make more constructive life choices. No matter what your resolution may be, there are most likely endless resources to help you achieve them, and a majority of them are available on the wondrous interweb, conveniently available in your smartphone’s app store. It’s a meeting of consumerism and idealism—what a beautiful thing!
    Click through the gallery to see the best apps to help you get your shit together. Good luck.
    available on iOS
    You know all those things you want to do and have totally been meaning to do but just haven't found the time for? Well, Timeful finds that time for you. Just sync the app with your calendar, tell the app what activities you'd like to do regularly (like read a new book, meditate, or take a bike ride) and the app will tell you the optimal times to do so. It then monitors your progress on whatever tasks you so choose and learns from whatever times you choose so it grows alongside you.
    available on iOS and Android
    No matter what your daily habits are, you should attempt to decompress and combat life's everyday stresses. Pause, a new favorite among what seems like everyone, forces users to focus on a single task—moving a blob across a smartphone screen slowly (the app tells you when you're moving too fast) and purposefully. The blob/orb/whatever-you-want-to-call-it gradually gets larger and larger until it encompasses the entire screen, by which time you will hopefully feel more relaxed and centered.
    available on iOS
    Created by MedHelp in partnership with GE Healthymagination, this app tracks your mood. After regular use, users can see their emotional patterns—what makes them happy, what makes them unhappy. Users can also log any treatment or medications that they are taking, so they can track their emotional progress, and take photos of things that make them happy, so photos are readily available to lift their mood if necessary.
    available on iOS
    Similarly to Moody Me, Moodnotes monitors how you feel on a daily basis. At a specific time each day, the app will check in and ask you to share how you're feeling—are you a smiling face, straight face, frowning face?—and from there it will ask specific questions about how you're feeling and why you are feeling that way, which forces you to examine how things in your life affect your general mood to recognize healthy and unhealthy triggers.
    available on iOS, Android, and various desktops
    Pushbullet syncs across multiple web-enabled devices, essentially saving you the time and confusion that comes with moving between your phone, desktop, and tablet. You can transfer files, communicate with others through chat, and send links between your devices (so you can read that article you didn't have time to read at your desk while on your commute).
    available on Android
    If you have habits that you'd like to get rid of, or activities that you'd like to turn into habits, Habitual helps you track your progress by creating a "chain" for each habit. For each day you complete a task (whether it be to go a day without smoking a cigarette, or to exercise for 30 minutes), you get a link to a chain. If you don't break the chain for six weeks, you have successfully created a new habit.
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