14 Oversized, Flowing Dresses To Make You Feel Like Stevie Nicks


Delightfully shapeless

Every fall, we find ourselves in the same dilemma: The colder it gets outside, the harder we find it is to get out of bed and get dressed in the morning. That’s why we always appreciate throwing on a good billowy, oversized maxi dress on particularly tough days.

Seasonally appropriate and way more chic than a baggy sweater, they also happen to provide all the coziness and comfort one could dream of when it comes to fall dressing. Who wouldn’t want to be swaddled in silky goodness when the weather outside is cold and gray? And, much more stylish than their muumuu and caftan counterparts, this season’s flouncy styles take on a boho witch Stevie Nicks vibe (which we’re obviously here for).

Below, we rounded up the 14 drapey, shapeless dresses we want to live in all season long. It’s almost as if we never got out from underneath the covers.

Photo courtesy of Mango

Mango, Floral Print Dress, $129.99, available at Mango.