10 Tribeca Film Festival Movies To Get Excited For


New York’s film festival starts Thursday

Later this week, the 16th edition of the Tribeca Film Festival will kick off with yet another intriguing slate of movies that, so far, have not been seen by many people. Tribeca, which was started by Robert De Niro in the wake of 9/11 to revitalize the neighborhood, doesn't have the indie cred of Sundance, the glamor of Cannes, or the Oscar hype of Toronto, but what it does have is the city of New York, which gives it an effortless relevance all the same. Below are 10 of the titles from this year's festival that we cannot wait to see.

Photo courtesy of Tribeca Film Festival

Maybe the most Sundance-y movie showing at Tribeca, the story follows a therapist, played by Jenny Slate, whose newest patient, an introvert played by Zachary Quinto, has some serious issues with his older brother, a famous TV star played by Jon Hamm. Aardvark marks the directorial debut of Brian Shoaf, but the real draw here is Slate, one of the most captivating actresses working today, who can balance drama and comedy with the best of them.