The Best Music Videos Of 2016

Photo via YouTube

I want my music video television

Music videos in the age of YouTube are thriving. They may not be the destinations they were years ago, but they still pull audiences. This year's most watched video was seen by more than a billion pairs of eyes.

Nearly 5,000 videos dropped this year, which makes for quite a trip down memory lane when then year ends and reflecting time comes along. Raise your hand if you forgot FKA twigs released a music video this year! I did! Sure feels like a century ago, what with all that's gone and going on in the world. So, to help make things a little brighter and make you say, "Oh yeah, that happened!" here are the 10 best videos of this garbage year, as voted by us. Hell, if Lady Gaga and Beyoncé can both release country-pop bops, perhaps next year will finally give us "Telephone, Pt. 2." Paws up, Monster Beyhive.

Photo via YouTube

10. "Drone Bomb Me" by ANOHNI petition to have Naomi Campbell star in all of ANOHNI’s music videos, please!