6 Incredible New Books To Read This August


It’s lit

Long, hot days require reading material. Luckily, that's exactly what we've got for you in the form of these six books, all of which would be great beachside companions.

Photo courtesy of Scribner

Mrs. Fletcher by Tom Perotta (available now)
While Perotta is perhaps best known now as the author of The Leftovers (the book upon which the HBO series is based), it's also worth noting that he's the author upon which the superiorly entertaining movies Election and Little Children were based too. All of this is to say, the man knows how to weave a plot, and his latest novel is ample proof of that. Mrs. Fletcher is a return to the satiric suburban grounds of Election, and revolves around both empty nester mom Eve, who's having a sexual awakening thanks to taking classes at her local community college and the recent bestowal of the title "MILF," and Eve's son, Brendan, a former high school jock who is on his own self-discovery quest now that he's in college and finds that his bro-y ways of thinking don't apply anymore. If the existential dilemmas of The Leftovers or some of the darker plot elements from Little Children are scaring you off this book, don't let them; Mrs. Fletcher is an often laugh-out-loud send-up of sexuality, bros, and the weird corners of the internet (think,, and thus the perfect beach read for basically everyone.