50 Books We Can’t Wait To Read In 2017

    Really, though, 2017 is going to be lit

    by · December 24, 2016

    As we prepare to say our final farewell to a year most likely to be voted as a surreal experience that portends what is more or less a chaos-driven dystopia, we... ah, wait. Never mind. We're going to skip saying goodbye to 2016 and just pretend that it's already 2017. Because there's definitely no doubt that 2017 will be amazing, right? What could possibly go wrong? Hard to say! What's easier to say is that no matter what the future holds in store for us, we are prepared to greet it, book in hand. Here, then, are 50 books that we can't wait to be holding on to for dear life as we dive into a strange and uncertain future. Will they prevent bad things from happening? Probably not. But they certainly serve as a reminder that, no matter what happens in 2017, there will be tons of great stuff to read. 


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