Pajama Tops You Can (And Should) Wear Outside The House

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    by · March 17, 2016

    With all the cozy vibes going around lately, we thought we'd hop on the train and give you an answer to those horrible winter blues. Pajamas tops you can wear all day, and not just to bed when you're feeling fancy. Luckily, it's a trend, and, even more, fortunate: every brand has them. We are here to tell you, that if you do it right, you can even wear your PJs top to work (and not just the silk one) and make it look professional.

    The classic piped button-downs have a way of looking strangely professional if worn with skinny jeans, an ankle boot, and a blazer over it. For the fashion-forward, we suggest buying an actual pajamas top. Who does it better than a brand dedicated to loungewear, after all? If you're not brave enough for that, fake it till you make it, and go for a silk top made in the style of a sleep shirt. Grab a color or print that doesn't scream "I'M GOING TO SLEEP" and you're set. You guys, the possibilities are truly endless. Check out our favorites in the gallery, below.  

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